Siberian Strike

Siberian Strike 1.1.7

1980s arcade game meets 1930s Russia


  • Five different bosses to defeat
  • Lots of different weapons and explosives
  • Fun action storyline


  • Graphics are basic and pixelated
  • Game is a little short in duration


Siberian Strike is a 2D aerial action game that pits you against challenging bosses in massive aircrafts.

In the style of 1980s coin operated arcade games, Siberian Strike lets you face off against five bosses in massive air ships and an impressive arsenal of weapons.

There's lots of action to be had in Siberian Strike. Aircraft of all sorts will appear from every feasible side of the screen to shoot at you. Your goal is to shoot them down and dodge bullets of your rivals. You can also upgrade your weapons with bonuses.

You'll come across a wide range of enemies in Siberian Strike such as soviet cannons, tanks, battleships, fighter planes and more. Each pose a different challenge to defeat, which keeps gameplay interesting.

You can choose one of three playable characters in Siberian Strike although the demo is unfortunately limited, both with respect to the characters you can choose as well as how many levels are available to play. The graphics in Siberian Strike, although nostalgia-inducing for some, might be a little off-putting to others since they are very pixelated.

Siberian Strike takes you back to the USSR in the 1930s in terms of setting, as well as the 1980s in terms of fun graphics and shooter gameplay.

Siberian Strike


Siberian Strike 1.1.7

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